URGENT: Help STOP the carve out of PowerSmart

Good news! Our recent activities have opened a window of opportunity to stop Bill 19 but we need help getting to the next step.

As posted on our website last week Bill 19 has been delayed at the committee stage by MLA’s who oppose it. If passed, Bill 19 will become law and will remove PowerSmart from Manitoba Hydro. It may still be possible to stop the bill if enough people contact government about it. We are asking all of concerned ratepayers and citizens to get involved and help save PowerSmart. Feel free to share this message with friends and family. The more people that speak up the better.

To assist with contacting government we have created a Save PowerSmart petition on Change.org. If you sign the petition email messages will be automatically sent to Premiere Pallister, Minister of Crown Services Ron Schuler and the Manitoba Progressive Conservative Caucus.

Alternately you can contact Premiere Pallister or Minister Schuler directly by email or phone to let them know PowerSmart should stay in Manitoba Hydro. Their contact information is below. You can also let your local MLA know how you feel; look up and contact information is available here.

Brian Pallister
Email: premier@leg.gov.mb.ca
Phone: 204.945.3714
Ron Schuler
Email: mincrown@leg.gov.mb.ca
Phone: 204.945.8020

Manitobans deserve good public services like the energy efficiency programs currently offered through Hydro.

Let’s do our best to keep PowerSmart in Manitoba Hydro.