Good of the Union

CUPE998 members and executive are involved throughout the year in a variety of events that are for the good of the union and associated to our affiliates. 
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Day of Mourning Message to CUPE Members
April 28 is recognized across all of Canada and in about 100 other countries around the world as a day of mourning or memorial day for workers killed or injured on the job. It is a solemn day intended to remind us of the ultimate price that can be paid by workers and to reinforce the commitment to improve health and safety in the workplace. As with many other workers’ rights improvements, this day came to be through the efforts of organized labour. In Canada the movement started in 1984 when CUPE’s National Health and Safety Committee proposed a day of remembrance to honour those who’d given their lives on the job. The following year the Canadian Labour Congress passed a motion to recognize the day as well and then lobbied for national recognition. In 1991 the day was officially recognized by the Parliament of Canada and has since grown to be accepted by the International Trade Union Confederation in 1996 and as the World Day for Safety and Health at Work by the United Nations in 2002.
We would like to thank all CUPE members who are or have been involved in this important work; whether serving on safety committees, participating in safety initiatives, providing valuable worker feedback or just looking out for each other in the workplace and at home. Lives can be changed forever or even lost in an instant; families are affected and bear the brunt of dealing with the aftermath. Life is too short for shortcuts when it comes to safety. The responsibility is a shared one and we should be proud of our union’s role in gaining recognition for workers’ safety rights and issues.

CUPE National Convention – Vancouver, BC
November 2 – 6, 2015
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