Bill 19 – Committee meeting – PUBLIC ATTENDANCE REQUESTED

We have confirmed that Bill 19 will be before legislative committee again tonight. Very little notice was provided (again!) and this will be the second round of committee hearings on the issue. It creates another good opportunity to put pressure on the government to listen to the many voices opposing Bill 19 and the carve out of PowerSmart from Manitoba Hydro. We are asking citizens to show support by attending tonight’s meeting, if possible.

Thank you to those who signed onto our petition to save PowerSmart! Over 300 people signed up in less than a week with a raft of supporting comments that show how committed citizens are to PowerSmart. There is still time to get on board, click here to sign the petition and add your comments.

We hope to see you at the committee meeting this evening.

Committee meeting details:
Standing Committee on Legislative Affairs – Bill 19
Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at 6:00 pm
Room 255 Legislative Building
(free parking available on site)