Lockout at Federated Co-Operatives Limited (FCL)

As the lockout at Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) enters its 36th day, CUPE998 would like to extend its support to the 700+ UNIFOR tradespeople affected by this action. The fact is, while FCL earns record profits, it has locked out its workers and brought in unqualified replacement workers to continue making said profits.

During contract negotiations, FCL has introduced a concession that would eliminate an established employee pension plan that would negatively affect UNIFOR employees to the tune of 17.5%; while in the media FCL is touting an 11.5% salary increase over the course of the proposed contract was negotiated. That is false and is set nationally for refineries.

Employees at other refineries benefit from profit sharing, stock options and bonuses. Alternatively, UNIFOR employees had, in the past, negotiated for and received a pension plan which allowed members to plan for their futures. Now, just 3 years later FCL wants to take that away and offers nothing substantive in return for this proposed concession.

This will not stand. Not for UNIFOR, not for any union.

To be clear, These brothers and sisters aren’t fighting for more, more, more – they only want to keep what they already HAVE.
CUPE998 stands side by side with UNIFOR594. Being one of Co-op’s biggest corporate accounts in Manitoba, Manitoba Hydro will permit CUPE members to refuel corporate vehicles at alternative fueling stations (where possible) during the Labour dispute. Let’s show our Support for UNIFOR594 and send a clear message.

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