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Retirement – CUPE National Secretary-Treasurer

CUPE Local 998 wishes Charles Fleury all the best, please read below for his message,


Dear Sisters, Brothers, and Friends:

I have informed the National Executive Board today that I will not be reoffering for another term at the 2021 National Convention in November.

After careful and considerable discussion with my family and closest confidantes, I have decided to retire. I have had the very great honor of being your CUPE National Secretary-Treasurer since I was elected at the CUPE National Convention in the fall of 2011. These ten years have been some of the most rewarding and challenging of my life.

I will be leaving the National Secretary-Treasurer position but not the movement. I began his activism with a wildcat strike when I was just 18 years old and this activism grew into many years of leadership in my home local (CUPE 1500 at Hydro Quebec), and decades of involvement in the Quebec Labour movement. Since 2003, I have served on the CUPE National Executive Board where I experienced the incredible diversity and richness of CUPE across the country.

I can say with full confidence that it has been an honor to hold this position and to represent CUPE members every day. I will continue to be active in the movement and will see you on the picket lines and anywhere union members are standing up for themselves and fighting for a better future for all.


National Secretary-Treasurer


Union Center Mural Voted The Best in Winnipeg for 2020

A mural showcasing the history of Manitoba’s labour movement was named the top mural in Winnipeg for 2020.

On Tuesday, Murals of Winnipeg announced ‘A Century of Solidarity,’ located at 279 Broadway Avenue, as Mural of the Year. read full story here 

Thanks to the collaboration of the Manitoba Federation of Labour and the Union Centre Board this piece of art representing the struggles of workers over the century is on view for all of Winnipeg.