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Union Center Mural Voted The Best in Winnipeg for 2020

A mural showcasing the history of Manitoba’s labour movement was named the top mural in Winnipeg for 2020.

On Tuesday, Murals of Winnipeg announced ‘A Century of Solidarity,’ located at 279 Broadway Avenue, as Mural of the Year. read full story here 

Thanks to the collaboration of the Manitoba Federation of Labour and the Union Centre Board this piece of art representing the struggles of workers over the century is on view for all of Winnipeg.


Giving Back to the Community

As temperature soar in Winnipeg today, CUPE 998 wanted to give back to the community by donating much-needed water to Main Street Project and Lighthouse Mission. Both shelters were extremely grateful for the donation.

Big thank you to Dillion at  No Frills on Goulet for making this possible. It’s important to Be Kind and Give Back when we can.