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Partnership To Defend Public Services Wins Court Case

Court upholds right to collective bargaining, strikes down Public Services Sustainability Act – Bill 28

Manitoba’s labour movement has won an important victory for workers and their Charter-protected right to collective bargaining, Manitoba Federation of Labour president Kevin Rebeck announced today on behalf of the Partnership to Defend Public Services (PDPS). Read more 


Protect Manitoba Jobs

Cuts to education and jobs will make life harder for people. While other governments are working to flatten the curve, Brian Pallister is choosing to flatten Manitoba’s recovery.


Hydro Job Cuts Deceitful Power Play

The Pallister government’s plan to cut jobs at Manitoba Hydro to “free up” money to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic makes no sense whatsoever.

Despite claims by the premier that he has no choice but to reduce costs in some parts of government to help pay for things such as personal protective equipment, testing and contact tracing, laying off workers at Hydro will do nothing of the kind.  Read More . . .


Communities Not Cuts Rally 2020

CUPE, IBEW and several other unions from across the city came together today to join the rally today in protest of the government’s announcement of possible workweek reductions and the possibility of layoffs that would affect many Manitobans including Manitoba Hydro. Hundreds took part in a HONK YOUR HORN tour around the legislative grounds from 12-1 today. NDP Leader Wab Kinew and Liberal Leader Dugald Lamont came out to support the protest.

While no decisions have been made and Manitoba Hydro is still waiting to hear from the government. CUPE hopes that the government heard us and decides against unnecessary cutbacks during this COVID-19 pandemic.

CUPE continues to advocate for full employment and will continue to advocate in the best interests of members to the employer and government.