Our Vision/Mission is to engage members and promote participation, maintain a respectful and effective relationship with management, promote a work/life balance, and ensure a safe working environment to help improve the life and wellbeing of all our members.

Equality Statement 2015
Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct – CUPE National

CUPE Local 998 became a Chartered Union on July 6, 1966 and was thereby authorized to enact by-laws consistent with and subject to the Constitution of the Canadian Union of Public Employees and the Constitution of the Canadian Labour Congress to which they are affiliated.
The Manitoba Hydro Employees’ Association represented members prior to its official affiliation in 1966. Early contracts explain the Collective Agreement as a product of the right, by law, to bargain collectively. It is an Employee’s guarantee of fair wages, good working conditions, and job security.
The Local reached a milestone July 2006 with its 40th anniversary, at which point we had negotiated 18 collective agreements.
Chris Mravinec was elected President December 2012, beginning his three-year term as of December 1st.
Collective Agreement – Fast Facts
2003   – Compassionate Care Leave added
2000   – Consideration for paid leave in the event of the death of a non-family member
– Health Spending Account established
– Hearing Aid coverage added
1997   – Family Responsibility Leave added
1991   – Parental Leave included
– Funeral and Jury Duty Leave written in and Article renamed
– Leaves of Absence with Pay
1988   – Sexual Harassment wording included
– Affirmative Action Program introduced
– Paternity Leave introduced
1985   – 9 day work cycle introduced
– Voluntary Health Plans article written into contract
– Extended Health Benefits Plan added
– Dental Services Plan introduced
1982   – Overtime banking increased to 40 hours
1981   – Overtime banking, to 38 3/4 hour maximum added
1977   – Maternity Leave increased to 17 weeks (changed to paid leave in mid 1980’s)
1974   – Maternity Leave (11 unpaid weeks) added
1973   – Double time paid for all hours worked on a Corporation Holiday, plus pay for the holiday
1972   – Health Benefits appear in contract, covering a percentage of compulsory Medicare coverage
1968   – Overtime paid at 1 1/2 times the hourly rate
– Compassionate Leave included (3 paid days)
1965   – Vacation entitlement 4 weeks after 25 years of service
1955   – Employees compensated for overtime with straight time-off equal to amount of overtime worked, plus meal allowance