Day of Mourning Message to CUPE Members

April 28 is recognized across all of Canada and in about 100 other countries around the world as a day of mourning or memorial day for workers killed or injured on the job. It is a solemn day intended to remind us of the ultimate price that can be paid by workers and to reinforce the commitment to improve health and safety in the workplace. As with many other workers’ rights improvements, this day came to be through the efforts of organized labour. [Read more]

Demand Side Management Update Meeting

There will be an informational meeting held for CUPE members working in demand side management.   The meeting will update members on the current state and our planned actions.  It will be held at 360 Portage in meeting rooms 307 and 308 from 12:00 – 12:30 pm on Tuesday, April 26, 2016.  Your attendance and input would be appreciated.

Provincial General Election – April 19, 2016

Time Off to Vote –  We are encouraging all CUPE 998 members to vote in the 41st provincial election on Tuesday April 19, 2016.  Provincial law allows employees three consecutive hours to vote at the discretion of the employer. Polls close at 8pm so if you normally work past 5pm arrangements should be made to accommodate voting.
See the Elections Manitoba website for more detail and let us know if your encounter any difficulties at your workplace with getting time off to vote.